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DampShield Elasto - 1 Litre //
Waterproof coating for walls berger paints damp shield elasto

DampShield Elasto is a PU modified elastomeric liquid applied membrane applied as exterior barrier coat for extended durability of Paint.

It is a fibre reinforced liquid applied waterproofing membrane which is impregnated with synthetic fibre. It is blended with PU modified binders and special PP fibres which takes care of minor cracks, dampness, and acts as a barrier coat exterior painting system. 

25 Points / Litre


High Build Coating
waterproofing solution coating damp shield elasto berger paints
It gives a DFT upto 130 microns as barrier coat which helps to resist water ingression.
Anti Carbonation
anti carbonation waterproof coating berger paints damp shield elasto

Reduces carbon dioxide and chloride ion diffusion which gives protection from corrosion of rebars.

flexibility undercoat for waterproofing berger paints damp shield elasto

Elongates up to 160% which takes care of minor crack formation on plastered walls.

Horizontal Application
horizontal application for waterproofing berger paints damp shield elasto

It can also be applied on Horizontal surface as waterproofing coat with proper ratio (available in PDS).

6 Years Waterproofing Warranty
warranty undercoat for waterproofing berger paints damp shield elasto

Acts as excellent barrier coat which offers 6 years of waterproofing warranty. T&C applicable.

Green Pro Certified
environment friendly paint

Validates our effort in striving towards cleaner, more sustainable future.



  • Building roofs and terraces
  • Parapets, sunshades and exterior verticle walls
  • Existing IPS, sound brick bat coba or cementitious screed


  1. Surface Preparation:
  • The surface to be applied should be clean and sound, free from any kind of contamination, dirt etc.
  • Thoroughly wire brush the surface and clean the dust by air compressor or by water jetting.
  • Oil and grease must be removed using degreasing solvents.
  • Any damaged surface must be repaired by using crack fillers or polymer modified repair mortar like Advanced Latex Plus.
  • Take care of leakages in concealed pipes or all other sources of water, prior to application of the product.
  • Very weak plaster must be replaced with a new one.
  • Finally the substrate must be properly pre-wetted to a saturated surface-dry condition.
  1. Mixing:
  • Add Damp Shield Elasto to water and start mixing.
  • Mix constantly with a stirrer using a pneumatic or electric power tool (1kw) at slow speed of 250 — 300 rpm for 3 - 5 minutes to get a homogeneous, putty like consistency.
  1. Product Application:

As specified in the Technical Data Sheet


    • While using Damp Shield Elasto use rubber gloves, dust mask and safety goggles.
    • No added lead, mercury and chromium compounds.

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