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Kid's Room Shade Combinations- Retro Style

Bohemian Combinations

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Combo1 Shades

Hot Air Balloon - 1A 3025
Sunflower Petal - 3D 0782
Fantasy Moon - 2P 1868

Combo2 Shades

Head Over Heels - 1D 1985
Spring Lilac - 6P 0155
Walking Day - 4P 2158

Combo3 Shades

Dogwood Blossom - 1T 0491
Essence Teal - 4P 0266
Baby's Breath - 1P 0010

Combo4 Shades

Spanish Rose - 1T 0532
Fluttering Heart - 1P 1986
Sun Ray - 3T 0755

Combo5 Shades

Field of Flowers - 2A 0378
Sunny Outlook - 2P 0666

Combo6 Shades

Orange Charm - 3D 0236
Alpaca - 2P 0044

Combo7 Shades

Bright Batic - 4D 0259
Silky Scarf - 3P 0055

Combo8 Shades

Blue Fin Bay - 4D 1007
Spring Attitude - 3T 0861
Mermaid's Song - 5T 2247

Combo9 Shades

Opulent Ocean - 4T 0981
Shy Violet - 6T 1235

Combo10 Shades

Heavening Mist - 5P 0143
Pool Dip - 4P 2197
Purity Clear - 4P 2179

Combo11 Shades

Signature French - 5T 2229
Green Mist - 4P 0938

Combo12 Shades

Deep Aubergine - 6D 2370
Cameo Kiss - 1P 0529

Combo13 Shades

Asystasia - 6T 0310
Magnolia Petal - 3T 2070

Combo14 Shades

Easter Bonnet - 6T 1419
Spring Welcome - 3T 0867
Mint Essence - 4P 1878

Click on the swatches above to see preview of the shade combination selected. These combinations have been crafted by professionals and experts with years of experience in decor. However, while scientific tools have been used to match shades on screen to the shades you will see on your walls, yet there is likely to be a difference- the shades displayed on this site are indicative and are not precise representations of actual paint colours due to variance in monitor/phone screen calibrations (brightness, contrast, etc) and resolution as well as screen settings.

You may order for a shade-card online at just Rs.99 with free delivery, & get its 100% price back on your next order*. Or with the shade code, you may reach out to your nearest Berger Paints dealer to match/ choose from the authorized shade-card. To order for the shadecard online, click here.

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