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Your Ultimate Guide to Buying Home Paints Online In India

  • By Team Berger
  • •  Aug 15, 2020

Why Leave The Safety Of Your Home When You Can Buy Paints Online?

In the world we live in today, nearly everything can be purchased online from the comfort and safety of our home. Following a direct-to-customer model, all it takes is a few swipes and clicks to get everything from plants, furniture and groceries delivered to our doorstep. In fact, even services like repairing home appliances or getting a haircut can now be booked online. As the world is becoming more digital, our preferences when it comes to shopping are seeing a major shift too. But, as easy is it to buy daily essentials or DIY furniture online, what about buying wall paint online for your home?

If you are wondering whether buying paints online is a practical and reliable choice, this blog will help answer your doubts and concerns. Buying paints online might not be as simple as purchasing groceries, but there are some things you should keep in mind before you make a purchase online for paints. We’ve listed down tips and tricks to help you navigate the world of online shopping for paints with all the information you will ever need. Here is your ultimate guide to buy online paint for home wall:

Is buying paints online safe and reliable?

buying paints online in india

No one wants to leave their home unless absolutely necessary. And spending agonising time over hundreds of paint and colour options in a crowded hardware or paint store is not how we would want to spend our time. And with the recently imposed social distancing norms to help contain the spread of coronavirus, most of us are cooped up inside our homes. If you are putting off a home makeover or paint job because of this, worry not. You can now buy paints and book a safe painting service from the comfort of your couch. Skip a trip to the paint store, grab a cup of coffee and your laptop. At Berger Paints India, we have made buying paints online a hassle-free experience so you can get paints delivered right to your doorstep.

To make paint shopping easy and accessible, we have launched an e-commerce platform wherein users can shop for our paint products and tools in just a few clicks on The site is easy to navigate and you can view all our products. You can explore a variety of paint types, read about the features and USP and make the best choice for your home walls. This makes it more reliable and transparent, as opposed to buying paints from a hardware store wherein the shopkeeper is likely to only sell you more profitable paints.

You can also download the Colour Visualizer App which will take away the guesswork out of finding the perfect colour. If you need more help, you can book a consultation for a complete solution, similar to hiring an interior designer that will help you choose the perfect colour for your home. The consultants will suggest the right products based on the walls, colours on the mood you wish to create for the room and also provide waterproofing consultation with that. To make a purchase, you can pay using any wallet. You can also track expenses and payments online and avail EMI payment facility. Buying paints online was never this easy, convenient and fun!

Try before you buy

If you are thinking of making an online purchase, you might hesitate to make a decision since you cannot see the colour in person. Keeping this in mind, we have incorporated tech-driven solutions to help you make the right choice. For every shade that you select, you can view sample images of homes with those shades. In a way, this will help you picture the new colour in a room better than visiting a store and looking at a sample. And better still, if you want, you can place an order for a shade card at just Rs. 99/- to select the right colours for your walls. And when you place a follow-on order for the products Rs.99/- gets reduced*, making the shade card absolutely free!


Order and delivery: What to expect?

Once you have decided on the paint colour and type, it is time to buy wall paint online for home. We recommend our easy-to-use Paint Calculator which will help you decide how many litres of paint you will need depending on the surface area. Your order will be delivered directly to your doorstep. To ensure a zero-contact experience, you don’t have to sign any documents, the delivery is verified through an OTP. We offer quality guarantee and assurance so you don’t have to worry about duplicate, compromised and mixed products some of the third-party distributors might sell. We also go a step further and make sure the paint cans and tools are sanitised to ensure your safety.

Contactless Delivery of Paints


Buying wall paint online for home can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. With the help of various online tools available on Berger Paints India, you can make your paint buying experience easier than ever. Getting your paints online at Berger Paints India is not only easier, faster and convenient but also a whole lot inspiring. Now, there is no reason not to try a new shade for your home that you’ve been itching to get!

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